One Step Closer

I entered my short story "The Tower in My Dream" into an Australian schools contest. I know I'm one step closer to winning, because last time I entered four years ago, I didn't make it to the "Would you like to be published in our poem and short story anthology" stage. Well, this time I have made it that far.

I'm not getting any hopes up, but I'm half trying to tell myself I have a chance. Five hundred dollars could help me immensely with my savings for a new digital piano. I'd be more than happy with the $200 second prize. Hell, I'd be proud just to be a semifinalist.

It's all about the credits here.

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Will You Represent an Aussie?

I sent emails to eight literary agents in the US and UK to find out who would represent an author living in Australia. A few days later, I got three in return. More than a week after that, I haven't gotten a reply from anywhere else.

This was my basic email:

[Agent's/Agency's name here],

I am currently writing an epic fantasy novel. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I would like to know if you represent overseas authors.

The manuscript is not yet complete, but I anticipate that when it is finished it will be 70,000 - 90,000 words. The novel is aimed at late teens, but isn't particularly YA.

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Sullivan.

And here were the replies I got:

Darley Anderson Literary

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your email.

We do represent overseas authors provided they intend to publish within the British market.

Due to the enormous number of emailed submissions we receive on a daily basis, we are only able to consider hard-copy manuscripts. If you wish to submit your manuscript for consideration, please do send us a hard copy of the first three consecutive chapters of your work, together with a one page synopsis, a covering letter and a SAE should it not be for us. Alternatively we are happy to contact you via email and recycle the pages once we've had a look.

If submitting via post is going to be a problem for you, living in Australia as you do, feel free to reply to this email and I am sure we could sort something out. However, if it is at all possible, we would really prefer a hard copy submission.

We look forward to receiving your work.

Best wishes,

Vicki Le Feuvre

Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency

Estelle House

11 Eustace Road

London SW6 6JB

Tel: +44 20 7386 2674

Fax: +44 20 73865571

Nelson Literary Agency

Dear Author:

Yes, we are open to authors from around the world. We invite you to query us when your project is completed.



Scott Hoffman (Folio Literary Management)

Thank you for your recent query letter. We are always eager to hear from writers who are serious about the business of writing; unfortunately, we do not feel that we are the right company to represent your work.

We have to be very selective of what we choose to represent, and all of our decisions are based on a frank assessment of the current needs of the literary marketplace. The fact that this work doesn’t fit our narrow criteria for representation does not mean it couldn’t find a home elsewhere. We urge you to submit your work to other agencies or management companies that may be more suited to this type of material.

Kind Regards,

Scott P. Hoffman

Having just jumped over to Darley Anderson Literary's webpage, I have found that every single book the agent found a publisher for was published within the "UK and Commonwealth" market. Australia is part of the British Commonwealth! I then searched Angus and Robertson, one of the most popular bookstore chains in Australia, and on the homepage I found a book by Lee Child, one of Darley Anderson's authors. I then proceeded to search "Wintercraft", one of the agency's YA dark fantasy books. And there it was.

More often than not, the agency has found publishers in countries such as France and Germany for a wider worldwide market.

I am suddenly very excited about this agency.

It's a shame you hear so many stories of rejection, because I would really love the opportunity to work with this agency.

Still, I plucked up the courage to contact them again. I can never know if I'm pushing too much, or whether they're excited to see an eager author.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have thoroughly browsed your authors and noticed that each one is first and foremost published in the "UK and Commonwealth". Living in Australia, I am part of the Commonwealth and thus would be very excited to be able to buy my own book in Australia provided it found publication. I continued to search a number of your authors' books in popular bookstore chains in Australia, and was able to find all of them.

Can you confirm that the book would be sold in Australia?

Regardless, you are currently at the top of my list of preferred agents, and you shall be the first I contact when my manuscript is ready next year.


Ryan Sullivan.

Depending on the nature of their response, if they even do respond, I will post their reply.

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