October, here I come.

Nothing has been happening for me on the writing front. I'd say I was too busy with school, but that would be lying. I'm a lazy student. But it's still tiring, and it's much harder to write after a day of school than without.

I haven't written these holidays either . . . until now.

And after I'd decided to write tonight, I took special note of the fact that tomorrow would be the 1st of October. I thought fondly back to July, when I started writing on the 1st and managed to hit 7,000 words.

I want to do that again.

My intentions for the next month are this:
- Writing is back in
- Habituals are back in
- Blog posts are back in

Can I achieve my goals? We can only wait and see.

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Aundes Aura has a Facebook page!

Part of getting my cover done was that I could start a Facebook page ahead of time and update people when I reach milestones in my progress.

You can view the page here. Like if you want -- I could do with a few more members. I don't update too often.

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Sample Sunday: September 11th

Miren stood and straightened his shirt. "Small piece of advice. Don't compare us with the Church. Given the numbers we'd bring them down in a heartbeat. But fear is a powerful tool, and they wield it like a hammer. That's how they build their army. Not even the Queen could match their numbers, let alone surpass them. Duthonne faces a dark future. You're better off here."

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Writers' Tools: The Beverage

Useful if you're Splurging. Useful if you're not Splurging. A good beverage is an all-round good egg.

Maybe you like tea. Go with that.

Maybe you like coffee. Why not?

Me, I like iced coffee. That one's great for summer.

I go through what I call drink fads. At one point in time I'll have a tendency towards iced coffees. At the same time the next year I'll be drinking chai tea all the time. Well, that's me now.

Whenever I'm writing, I have a chai tea. What I like to do is fire up the computer, open up my manuscript, read over the last few lines and skim the last page or two to get my grounding, and then go off to make my chai. While the kettle's boiling and as I make up the drink, I'm free to think about how I'm going to approach the next page. I love this because then, when I sit down, my mind's already "warmed up", so to speak. I've got an idea of where I'm going and how to start off.

Maybe I don't know how to start, and that's fine as well. I've got a drink to occupy myself with while I think.

One more perk of this little "tool" is the subconscious association I've undoubtedly developed between having a chai tea and actually writing.

Try it out if you want. It might work for you. It might not. We all know how subjective writers are.

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Hiati is Not the Plural of Hiatus

It's hiatuses, if anyone was wondering.

Dear God, I've had too many of these over the last month and a half. Two too many. [Winks.] Those two hiatuses are from writing and blogging, which invariably go hand in hand. When I write, it stimulates ideas for me to blog about, apart from the regular excerpts and progress updates (for which it also helps to actually have written something!).

It was the return of school that really threw me off. Unfortunately, this is one hell of a year, and the work is tiring. Fortunately, in three months it'll all be over.

I wrote tonight, inspired by the words of a friend. < Good use of the passive voice, I think. I could've said, " . . . inspired by a friend's words", but 1. That's less common in colloquial language and 2. The passive voice draws attention to the "words" rather than the "friend". I'm planning on doing a separate post on passive voice as part of my grammar series.

Anyway, yes, I wrote tonight. It felt good, of course. It might have felt better if it had been earlier and I hadn't avoided writing two pieces for French by doing it, but I'm glad I did. I'm now in a much better position to continue writing from where I finished tonight.

I'm in a tricky place. There aren't any scenes coming up that I already have an image of in my mind. Oh, maybe one, I guess. You see, I keep these scenes in my mind at points all along the story, and I use these to urge me towards them. They're my motivation. Then when I get to them, I seem to charge through them like a lightning bolt. Then I need a new vivid scene that I can write towards.

I passed 50,000 words. It felt mighty victorious at the time, but I would have felt much better had I kept trundling along. I've lost so much opportunity, but I must accept that there are times when writing isn't the most important thing. The thing is, when I'm not writing, I'm not doing "the most important thing", either, and I think that's what disappoints me the most.

I've bought a device which switches off my internet between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. I can switch it back on manually, but that would defeat the purpose. I haven't been using it. I will again at some point. I've set it back to working now.

The holidays aren't too far off, and I think my writing will benefit greatly from them. (Hopefully I'll have hit 60,000 by the end of them.)

I'll be trying to phase my writing and blogging back in over the next couple of weeks. Bear with me, and thanks for sticking around!

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