Three Bridges: Chapter One finished

Finally! This is the longest chapter I've ever written, weighing in at 6,400 words! I just had so much to get through, and I had to get through all of it.

Cool fact: the last 2,000 words were written in the last two nights. It looks like my writing speed's increasing.

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Dear spammers...


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I'm out of my depth . . . but the world keeps turning.

Since finishing my second draft, I've made little to no changes to my manuscript. Despite this, my editor is scheduled for next week, and this is a wonderful thing. I have time to go through and make any changes that stick out to me, but whatever the outcome . . . this is a date, and things are going to get done. My editor's suggestions will be a roadmap that I can follow, one to the next, crossing things off my list. The time's getting close when I say, this is the best I can do, and move on to new projects for good.

But I'm nervous.

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Three Bridges

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