Interviewed by fantasy author Christopher Bunn

Earlier in the month I was interviewed by Christopher Bunn, author of The Hawk and His Boy, The Shadow at the Gate and The Wicked Day, all part of The Tormay Trilogy. I'm reading the trilogy right now, so I was very excited to be involved in this. Christopher also has many other ebooks available.

You can check my interview with him here.

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"Magik and Mayhem" Fantasy Blog Hop and Giveaway, July 15th - 19th: Magic in Válkia

Are you a fantasy reader? Do you enjoy George R.R. Martin's ruthlessness, or Tolkien's epic scale? Christopher Paolini's adventures, or the magical world of Raymond E. Feist? Do you love to read about knights, squires, kings and queens, elves, fae and all manner of creatures?

Welcome to our fantasy blog hop! Here is a chance to find out about fantasy stories, and win books and gift cards! Summer is more magical already.

Click here to reach the central page of the blog hop where you can use the rafflecopter and win the main prize: a selection of all ebooks and print books entered in the event plus a gift certificate!

The list of ebooks you can win:
Yseult by Ruth Nestvold
Season 1 Boreal and John Grey by Chrystalla Thoma
Dark Elf by Willo Nonea Rea
Caitlin’s Book of Shadows by Juli D. Revezzo
Print book Raingun by John Blackport
Aundes Aura by Ryan Sullivan
Seeking a Scribe by Marsha A. Moore
Her Master’s Madness by J.E. & M. Keep
Wings of Shadow by Anna Kyss
Rune Breaker by Landon Porter
Judgement Rising by Tracy Falbe
The Chosen by Annette Gisby
New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer by John & Annette Gisby

As for this blog post, I will personally be giving away two ebook copies of Aundes Aura to a random hat selection from those who comment below.

And now for my contribution to the blog hop.


What might be considered a kind of magic in the world of Aundes Aura is the very thing the book revolves around. An Aura is a god's gift; the gift of some amount of that god's power. Only one person can wield an Aura at any time. When the Descendant (as they are called) has had an Aura for seven years, there is a boost in power and terrible things have been known to happen.

Here is a rundown of the gods, their responsibilities in the world, and what their Descendants might be able to do at the heights of their abilities.

Elthades, the father of the gods: The Descendant can sense other Auras, block their use, mimic them when they're near, and live without aging.

Careus, the god of time: The Descendant can see the future, the past, and events elsewhere in the present, and at the most extreme, travel through time.

Kathes, the goddess of nature: The Descendant can control the elements at will, calling up a flame, destroying a building with a gesture, or causing a hurricaine.

Aundes, the goddess of light: The Descendant can call a light to guide them through darkness, blind people with a flash, and flush out corruption.

Maekre, the god of the passing: If the Descendant's skin touches any person or creature, the thing will die.

Taemus, the god of dreams: The Descendant can read people's minds, as well as enter them and control them.

Endáres, the god of war and peace: The Descendant has an uncanny ability in battle.

Aundes Aura is the first standalone book in The Válkia Chronicles primarily involving a Descendant. I have ideas for at least 3 more, and hopefully the others will come along the way. They will all be named in the same fashion as Aundes Aura.

As for right now, I'm writing a book called Three Bridges. It's about a king looking to redeem his throne, a thief striving for recognition after years of loyal service, and a young boy shamed by his family, trying to find his place in the world.

Don't forget to comment for your chance to win one of the two available copies of Aundes Aura, and if you haven't already, check out the main blog hop page and enter the rafflecopter, for which the winner will receive all of the titles in the blog hop, as well as a gift certificate.

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Progress towards New Year's Resolutions

Scrolling through Facebook today, I saw someone mentioning New Year's Resolutions. I thought this might be a good time to have a look at how my own resolutions are going.

1. Make the changes to Aundes Aura that will be suggested by the editor.
1. i. Publish Aundes Aura.

All done! Aundes Aura has sold 13 copies so far (plus given away 285 in promotions), and I have a few great things planned for the next two months.

2. Write and publish a novella/novelette.
As you can see in the sidebar, at roughly 23,500 words, Three Bridges is approaching what I'd happily consider the minimum novella length. However,  chapter-wise I'm less than halfway through the story, whose exploration of character and setting is far beyond what I imagined. When it's published, regardless of whether it's an average or a long novella, I'll actually be calling it a "short novel", due to some advice I read on Joe Konrath's blog (A Newbie's Guide to Publishing). And if you've never read that blog, you'd better go do so now before I come over there and hit you.

3. Pass my Advanced Diploma of Music.
I'm going quite well with most of my subjects. One or two I'm struggling with, but passing.

4. Not let take-away or other food get to me.
Fail. I'm eating a family-sized packet of chips right now. Also, I usually eat Subway four times a week, KFC once every weekend, and snacks on a Saturday night.
Do I get points for buying apple juice today?

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