I apologise for my barrenness in posts lately. School has just returned and I am crowded with homework as though I'm famous and the homework is my fans. I believe I have at least one more World Building post to write, and updates on my progress still to come.

In that respect, I will now announce that I have finished the prologue for Aundes Aura (the first draft anyway), and have begun work on Chapter One. In fact I have taken a week-long break from writing to get back into the swing of school.

If anyone is interested, my Aundes Aura prologue is now up in the Fantasy queue, so please feel free to have a read.

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Jean Davis said...

I'm on it. Eventually. :)

Math Is A Plentiful Harvest said...

Sometimes you really just need to take a break from it all! Writing is really an exhausting hobby. :)

Ryan Sullivan said...

True, that!

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