Sunday Update, Sunday Sample and Maps in Progress: May 15th

School is currently my worst enemy. I haven't written for half a month. It's sad, but I'll get back to it when I get back to it.

But while I'm here, I'll give you a look at my map, which is very nearly finished. I just need to add the final details. Click for a bigger picture.

And now for another sample. This a personal bit, and a little bit of a spoiler. It's also currently my basic idea behind what will one day become Endures Aura.

“You have Endures Aura.”

“Yes. I sought it out. I was an adventurous child. I ventured deep into the forest to find the hollow tree stump where, if you looked inside, you would find that it led to a small pit beneath the ground. Here is where the Aura would be found. I jumped inside and discovered engravings of warriors all over the walls. After that all I remember is waking up and feeling different. Like there was something new inside me.” Faine laughed. “I was certain my father would be so proud of me. Then I got home, and I realised I was wrong. As soon as I told him what I had achieved, he hit me across the face and stormed out of the house, saying he wasn’t going to wait around for me so slit his throat.”

Eoin shivered.


Shannon said...

Ooooh, pretty maps are pretty! I like it. So, what else do you have to do with it?

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks. :)
I'm going to add more villages, more rivers, another mountain range or two and some forest in Arlea.

Jean Davis said...

The map looks great!

I didn't realize Faine had the Aura too. Guess I haven't read that far or am I forgetful? hmm.

Ryan Sullivan said...

You are forgetful. ;)
I revealed that he has a different Aura at the end of Chapter Four . . . but to be fair, that was posted August last year.

Creative A said...

"School is currently my worst enemy."

Oh no! I remember you were doing so well on break. Don't be disheartened; the breaks come. Right now, honestly, break is my worst enemy...having too much time to think about all the things I'm not doing is worse than not having enough time to do things I'm thinking about.

Curious excerpt. Good luck!


Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, Mandy. I think the best thing I've found with this WIP is that I always come back to it after falling out of the habit. I love it to bits, and I want to see it finished. I'll see it to the end.

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