Aundes Aura has a Facebook page!

Part of getting my cover done was that I could start a Facebook page ahead of time and update people when I reach milestones in my progress.

You can view the page here. Like if you want -- I could do with a few more members. I don't update too often.

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Botanist said...

Very striking cover, Ryan.

WritingNut said...

That is an awesome cover! :)

Nick Rolynd said...

Wow, nice cover! The colors really bring it to life!

(And hi, I'm back after disappearing off the face of the planet for several months and wiping and redoing my blog. Sorry for suddenly disappearing.)

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, everyone. :)

Nick: Good on you. Sometimes you need a clean slate. I myself have been very busy with school this last month, as there are only a few months left!

The Golden Eagle said...

Great cover! :)

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