Holidays, needy writers, trying to get it finished and tablets

I'm on holidays now. (That's vacation for you Americans.) I've said many times in the past how my writing would benefit from a break from studies. Don't believe these lies. Holidays lull you into a false sense of security. They tell you you'll have all this time to write, but really you won't -- unless you make it happen.
That's where my problem often lies. I'm really bad at making things happen. One of those things is writing. If I were to write whenever I felt like it, I'd never write because as much as I love having written, writing isn't easy.
I hate it when people say, "The only reason you should be writing is that you can't not write." Because that's totally not true. Writing is more than a need. It's an ambition. Footballers don't play football because they can't not play football. They do it because they want to, becuse they love it, or because they want to get somewhere with it.
I'm not a needy writer, I'm an ambitious writer. I've spent two years writing this book not because I need to, but because I want to. It's a journey that I want to see to the end.
April is just about to begin, and with only two chapters left to write, I want to see this book finished and edited in the next two weeks, while I've got this break.
I've moved the release date back from Q1 to Q2 2012. No one should ever realease a rushed product. But is that what I'm doing? I don't know, I'm just doing what feels right.


Yesterday I bought an Asus EEE Pad Transformer. Look it up, I just typed this whole post on it. 
(If you consider getting one, make sure you get the one with the keyboard dock.)
I'm very excited because now I can work on my manuscript on the 1.5 hour train trips to and from Uni four days a week (3 hours a day, 12 hours a week). It also has enough battery power to last those 3 hours a day and more. Something my laptop was never capable of. (It lasts about 5 minutes unplugged.)
I'm using Dropbox to sync between my tablet and computer, since I was already using it to sync between my laptop and computer. It didn't work at all using the pre-installed Polaris Office, but I spent the $19.99 to buy Quick Office and it synced with my computers straight away. I suspect I'll have to reformat my manuscript in Word when I get home, but what's that when I can be writing all the time?
Now I'm off to write, and we'll see how Quick Office fares with the formatting.


mooderino said...

Two weeks to edit a whole book does seem a bit quick. Will that be your second draft?

Moody Writing

Ryan Sullivan said...

It would be multiple passes -- content, character, setting and final tightening up, if I remember correctly.

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