I need more carrots!

When I'm this close to the end, there's no reason I shouldn't be writing. Every hundred words is a weight off my shoulders.

So I bought chocolate. My favourite: Caramello Koalas. Yeah, two of them. And I'm going to eat them. Not yet, though. 100 words will earn me a Caramello. Yum! Actually, let's make that 150 words. I'm sure I can manage that.

If I follow that, it'll put me over 68,000 words in the first draft, and not much left at all until the end.

Although I'm having thoughts about an epilogue. I think it might be necessary for a proper denouement. Because there's a way I'd like to finish it, but that doesn't clearly tie up a lot of loose ends. What happens to them afterwards, like, just afterwards? Like, a week later?

There's an ending, and then there's a satisfying conclusion. I don't want just an ending. If I were to end it without that final part, I imagine I'd end up with something that feels like "he woke up and it was all a dream".

I don't think it'll be a long epilogue. Partly because I want to get it finished; partly because it won't need to be a long epilogue.

Also, just now I've been thinking about writing a short story before or while working on Maechre Aura, so I have something I can sell in between the two novels and keep that "push" going, if you know what I mean. I might discuss that in a couple of days.

For now, writing time. See you soon!

Edit: I didn't end up writing just 300 words. I got a whopping 472 -- pretty good since I wasn't going to write at all. And best of all, I haven't even eaten either of my Caramello Koalas. I think I'll eat them now as a reward for my efforts. Yum!

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