Revising: Chapter One rewritten

I'll probably continue to be rather inactive while I work through revisions, but I'll keep you updated as I move through the chapters.

Through the last several chapters of the first draft, Chapter One was going to be completely rewritten, but I wouldn't allow myself to work on it until the first draft was completely done.

Now Chapter One's finished, and I like it a lot more than the original version.

From here on in it shouldn't be too hard to delete scenes, change details and rewrite parts of scenes as needed. I'd like to get through four to six chapters every week while I'm focusing on just the content.

See you soon!

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Julia Hones said...

It's good to read an up-date of your writing life, Ryan. I was wondering about your absence...

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, Julia. It's nice to know people are still around despite my absences. :)

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