September Revision Update


I've been very busy lately with Uni assessments, but I've come back to revisions now and am currently halfway through Chapter Six. I'd love to release the book around Christmas time, but I can't be sure if that's going to happen.

To make up for the words I'm cutting with these revisions, I'm considering how I can work in this love interest subplot that was originally going to be in the book, but I cut it short. Anything that can add to the length and depth at the same time would be much appreciated.

In Other Life News
Apart from studying (an Advanced Diploma of Music), I've released a single called "That Silence" on iTunes for 99c and Bandcamp for 20c. I'm currently writing and recording an EP.

I've been building my Twitter followers for my music @RyanLeeSulMusic. I'm working up a setlist of covers and original songs that I'll use for gigs and busking.

I've moved out of home, now renting a place with two housemates that's a 20 minute tram ride to Uni.

Being about 10 months since I've had a French class (after finishing Year 12), I've been thinking lately that I really don't want to forget what I know. So I bought a self-published Kindle book called Andéhir: la prophétie, the first of two French fantasy books for 11 - 13-year-olds. I don't understand every word, but I do understand what's happening in each scene, the general flow of action, and most of what's being said between the characters. A friend made the point that even if I don't understand all of it, reading it is probably helping me avoid forgetting what I already know. Now if only I could use a French-English dictionary within my Kindle app!

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mooderino said...

Watch French movies, too. It's the sound of the words you want to be familiar with.

Moody Writing

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks! :) My sister's fiance (he's French, speaks very good English) had the same suggestion, as well as listening to audiobooks.

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