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In my post yesterday I mentioned writing and publishing a novella as one of my resolutions. The truth is that I've been planning out the book for a few days now. This is my first ever time using the Snowflake Method. It's intense, and I'm only halfway through it. I've never planned anything out  so carefully.

The working title -- and possible final title -- is Three Bridges, a project I mentioned a long while back.

My friend was kind enough to sketch some of my characters for me. Here's one of them.

Name: Luka

Age: 12

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Brief Background: He has lived with a clan his whole life, until he is exiled for committing a particular sin. He had friends he used to climb trees with, Marta, Deen and Tarren. He believes in the Trinity of gods  -- Prius, Sundus and Tristus. The clan is his entire family – the adults are responsible for every child, and the children are all brothers and sisters. When he’s exiled, his motivation is to find his place in an unfamiliar world, and acceptance.

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