Progress towards New Year's Resolutions

Scrolling through Facebook today, I saw someone mentioning New Year's Resolutions. I thought this might be a good time to have a look at how my own resolutions are going.

1. Make the changes to Aundes Aura that will be suggested by the editor.
1. i. Publish Aundes Aura.

All done! Aundes Aura has sold 13 copies so far (plus given away 285 in promotions), and I have a few great things planned for the next two months.

2. Write and publish a novella/novelette.
As you can see in the sidebar, at roughly 23,500 words, Three Bridges is approaching what I'd happily consider the minimum novella length. However,  chapter-wise I'm less than halfway through the story, whose exploration of character and setting is far beyond what I imagined. When it's published, regardless of whether it's an average or a long novella, I'll actually be calling it a "short novel", due to some advice I read on Joe Konrath's blog (A Newbie's Guide to Publishing). And if you've never read that blog, you'd better go do so now before I come over there and hit you.

3. Pass my Advanced Diploma of Music.
I'm going quite well with most of my subjects. One or two I'm struggling with, but passing.

4. Not let take-away or other food get to me.
Fail. I'm eating a family-sized packet of chips right now. Also, I usually eat Subway four times a week, KFC once every weekend, and snacks on a Saturday night.
Do I get points for buying apple juice today?

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Jean Davis said...

Great job! We'll overlook the fast food in favor of selling copies of your book and writing progress. :)

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