Need further motivation? Have a carrot.

So, today I decided I wanted to write four hundred words, but I was really lacking the motivation to do it. "What's the point in writing four hundred words? It's only a tenth of a chapter, and what's the use in that?" But if I didn't write those four hundred words, tomorrow I would have to write that and more to make up for my lack of writing today.

But that won't be happening. Not this time. Four hundred words isn't much, but I am a slow writer. This is because as I write, I read over to make sure it makes sense, and if it doesn't I edit it until it reads easily. (In fact I just edited that last sentence, and I am already up to the next paragraph.) People who have read my work have said that it is a good first draft. It's good to know the time I put in isn't being wasted.

Anyway, today I wrote exactly four hundred words, and I wouldn't have followed through with it if I hadn't used this motivational method. I found three motivational methods for writers here, and the one I used today was the second one: "The Carrot". The premise of "The Carrot" is that you have a reward which you will only recieve if you reach your goal.

So, I walked down to the milkbar in the 39oC heat, bought two packets of Skittles, came home, put them in the fridge and told myself I wouldn't get to eat the Skittles unless I reached my four hundred word goal. Of course, the reward will need to be something you actually want, or you won't really be motivated to work for it. With the reward in mind, I sat down and wrote for just over three hours (yes, three). Then, my goal having been reached, I took my reward from the fridge and devoured it contentedly.

Mission accomplished.

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