A question for my followers.

It is evident that I will at some point run out of ideas for posts on the technicalities of writing. After that, this blog will be much more based on my novel and other musings. My question for you is: What would you like from me?

1. To continue posting on the technicalities of writing until I run out of ideas, and then move on to my story.

2. To begin revealing things about my novel now, and interchangably write about writing.

3. To write mostly about the novel, and every now and again write about writing.

In addition, I invite you to add any ideas for what you would like to see from me. Character interviews? More on publishing? More about random things? Synonyms for overused words? Anything that comes to you, please put it in the comments.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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zellakate said...

Well, Ryan, I think you're doing a great job. The technical ones have been helpful to me, but publishing would be good too. The character interviews sound fun!

I think #3 would be the best option. I would love to hear more about your novel. (If not the plot, the characters and maybe details about the fantasy world.) Ooh, that leads me to a suggestion: Anything on crafting a unique fantasy world would be great. :)

Keep up the great work! :)


Ryan Sullivan said...

That's a fantastic idea. Thanks! I will post on world-building at some stage, then. I look forward to that. I have much to write about my novel so that should be interesting. Characters, where some of my ideas came from, backstory, religion of the land, cultures of the countries and more! I'm excited.

If anyone else still has their two cents, the question is still open.

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