Aundes Aura: Part One

Aundes Aura is a tale of the lengths people will go to for those they love. Much of the background is based on the concept of the Gods. The Gods are:

Elcalades the Giving, Father of the Gods

Aundes the Shining, Goddess of Light

Kathes the True, Goddess of Nature

Taemus the Blissful, God of Dreams

Careus the Convictor, God of Time

Endures the Great, God of War

Maechre the Escort, God of the Passing

All the Gods sent down their Gifts into the world, that Humanity may use them to solve its problems. But once upon a time, a war broke out as Humanity was using the Gifts to its own ends. That war has since ended, but it lives on in people's hearts.

The Church of Duthonne teaches that Aundes, the Goddess of Light, is evil, because she blinded Humanity, and caused the Great War of the Gods. This is in fact just an excuse created by the Church, a false "reason" for their dislike towards her.

Southern country: Duthonne – Capital: Parthon

Northern country: Meira – Capital: Emareus

Island: Arlea

The Abominations from the Fires Below:

Naeveri (coming from the Albanian word for abomination, “neveri”) are “abominations” sent from the Fires to solve the imbalance in the world. They look like humans, but have red slits for eyes, always wear black, hooded robes and throw fire. Singular form: Naevera.

Their soul intention is to solve the problem of the imbalance by killing either Saera or Eoin. The world is imbalanced because both of them have a fraction of Aundes Aura inside them (although Eoin doesn't know it), while Aundes Aura itself is meant to be a complete element.

Pronunciation: nay-vear-uh (vear rhymes with fear)

nay-vear-ie (vear-ie rhymes with query)

Plot Synopsis

When Eoin's sister Saera absorbs the Aura of a goddess considered evil, her life is instantly threatened. Seven years later, the Aura shows signs of resurfacing. Someone discovers her dark secret, and their only option then is to escape their home town before word spreads. On the travelling carts, they meet the traveller named Faine, who appears learnèd in many travelling arts, as well as in combat.

They arrive at the capital city, and Faine will be competing in the Grand Arena Tournament. Eoin and Saera go along to cheer for him. But during Faine's match, a great burst of light suddenly stuns the Arena, and all turn to look at Saera. Now all know of her secret, and they close in. Faine climbs up into the stands to help Eoin protect his sister. Encountering a score of guards along the way, Eoin, Saera and Faine make it to the stables and ride out from the city, heading for the town closest to the Duthonne-Meira border: Tierra.

This town is not what they expect, though. It has recently been under attack, and is in the process of rebuilding. They discover that the town had an attack ordered against it by the Church because it had been trading with a nearby town in Meira, across the border. This is because the Church consider it a sin to deal with non-believers, and especially those who believe the evil gods are the good.

Faine tells Eoin and Saera that the quickest way to get into Meira is by taking a passage underneath the White Ranges. But it isn't necessarily the easiest. Still, Saera's life is under threat, so they decide to take the plunge.

They emerge on the other side of the White Ranges, and after walking for perhaps half an hour they reach the small town of Efisae. Here Faine introduces them to Echo. Efisae is attacked, and Eoin, Saera, Faine and Echo go down and help drive the Duthonians back out of the town and out of the country.

The group travel to Colette, a village that sits in the middle of a forest, and then up to the capital city of Meira, Emareus. In this country, Aundes is a revered goddess. So when they ask the Queen to help protect Saera from the Duthonians, she promptly agrees. She is not so quick, however, to accept Faine. For reasons unknown to Eoin and Saera, the Queen locks Faine in the dungeon.

Two days later, the Duthonians attack. Eoin goes down into the village to fight, but is knocked out. When he awakes, he is in the back of a locked cart with Faine, who had been taken from the dungeon. There is no sign of Saera or Echo.

The plot synopsis will be continued in part two.

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zellakate said...

Ryan, this sounds really cool! You have a great fantasy world and the story sounds fascinating! :) I can't wait to read more about it.

Jean Davis said...

Sounds like you have this right on track. The synopsis sounds good! I look foward to reading the first chapters.

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