On the Future of Paranormal Fiction

Vampires are in. There’s no doubt about it, yet I refuse to read such books at the moment. Feeding the genre would be like voting for a president I don’t actually support. They are saturating the market and I am sick of it. There used to be one area for fantasy books, and one for paranormal. Now it’s the same, but the paranormal section is about four times larger. As a fantasy purist, I will not feed the enemy.

However, I predict that the market saturation will be the downfall of paranormal fiction. In one or two years’ time, writers will have no more unique ideas to explore in the genre, and readers will not find enough books to satisfy their hunger.

I know paranormal fiction will be out soon, because I write epic fantasy, and when the time comes to submit my manuscript, paranormal fiction will not bar my opportunity because I am destined to be published. Thus, paranormal fiction is destined to fall. I trust that there will still be plenty of books for the genre (good ones), but we will not have this over-saturation of mal écriture that we have now.

My conclusive argument: Vampires are still in, but the quality of such books are in need of improvement.

A. Deviation.

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Shannon said...

I love your reasoning, particularly the bit about paranormal fiction must fail, because you are destined to be published. I know the feeling and can totally empathise!

Ryan Sullivan said...

*smiles* I'm glad I don't sound too arrogant.

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