I Can't Draw: Elizabethan Houses

This was the project that put me off drawing for a few months.

A word of advice:
Drawings based on geometry are not as easy as they may seem.

At least, that was the lesson I took from trying to draw this Elizabethan style house.

The intention with this drawing was to remove the second storey. This would make it a more accurate interpretation of Echo's house in Efisae.

In the following drawing I learnt of two important difficulties in regards to geometric drawings:
1. Details.
2. Perspective.

Those are the things that make this drawing not what it could have been.

When I got to the bottom of the drawing (having worked my way from top to bottom), I noticed my mistake. I had followed the horizontal lines exactly, whereas they should have been more dispersed to the right side of the drawing. This was my lesson on the importance of perspective.

This photo had an insurmountable amount of detail -- at least, for a second drawing attempt.

As you may have noticed, the drawing itself is unfinished. There was shading to do, shadows to draw in and further details to draw. It was just all too overwhelming and by this point I had worked on it for a few hours and was burnt out.

This was my lesson on geometric drawings, and I shall not attempt one again for some time.

The next time I draw, if I do draw again, it will be more in the vein of my previous drawing. I'm expecting pottery or small statues.

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Shannon said...

Ahh, drawing perspective. For me, always the most painful of experiences.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I find it amusing that I might be more comfortable with drawing objects based on shading as opposed to those based on geometric shapes. It must stem from all those common childhood drawings. Tricks you into thinking basic shapes are easier to work with... and then you throw perspective into the mix. :D

Anonymous said...

its so hard to draw the elizabethan.hause style in two point perspective..

Ryan Sullivan said...

It is, and I think that's because of all the unique detail that goes into and Elizabethan house.

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