Habitual January: Day 7

January 6: 76
January 7: 330

So for a while there I was writing progressively less each day. I didn't intend to write so much today, nor did I expect to. In fact, I beat my record this month considering I have managed to write every day so far. I still haven't finished Chapter Nine. It's now almost 4,500 words, and that's if I take out the section I intend to remove later on. I might have to evaluate whether to split it into two shorter chapters. In fact, looking at it now, it seems like a very good option. If I break it when Eoin goes to sleep, that gives me a 3,800 word chapter (before revisions, in other words 3,400 words) and puts me 840 words into the new chapter. Lovely.

So, in regards to the graph above, I've found it's taken a lot of pressure off just consistently writing a little bit each day. One of the days I only wrote seven words, yet I didn't fall under my goal line. My aim, though, is to not fall below the goal line all month. I'm feeling really positive about January. The trouble is how I will do this when Year 12 starts in February. Still, with the new school regime I'll be putting into practice, I may be able to focus on writing when I get home from school, knowing that I don't have to deal with any homework. More on that in later weeks.


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