Habitual March: Day 9

My first day with this set-up has been successful!

Today: 410 words.

Funnily enough, this keeps me above my goal line for this month, all thanks to the 1,000+ words I wrote at the start of the month.

Now comes the challenge: Keeping up with this every day. I'm sure I'll veer off track at some point, but hopefully I can at least get a decent chunk done before then.

I could even end up taking this all the way to the end of the novel. [Laughs.] Wouldn't that be nice?

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Mysti said...

Well done Ryan! Keep it up, and before you know it, that manuscript will be done. I keep pressing on, writing in my little spurts between chores :)

Great quote on CC today: "If you want to be a writer, write." Whatever helps you keep at it, then that's what you should do!

Shannon said...

I love how a good day can really make up for bad days. That gives me a lot of hope!

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, Mysti!

My weekend is full, and I know I won't be able to write during it. It's full, as in, I'm going away and won't be able to write again until Monday night.

So here's hoping I can get right back on track when I get back.

Sarah Allen said...

Way to go! Setting goals is always good, though not always easy. Best of luck!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

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