Not a Failure, but a Stepping Stone

[Sorry about the lack of updates.]

This month, upon just passing 2,000 words. I stopped writing. My aim was to write 300 words a day. When I didn't for two days in a row, it all fell apart.

Because I wasn't writing, I didn't blog either. I didn't want to tell everyone I wasn't making it again. But I am still confident in my idea, and that the challenge is not a challenge, but something that just requires a little more dilligency than I'm used to. So this month was not a failure, but a stepping stone. It's there, helping me towards next month, where I can start afresh but add to what I have achieved. When I fall away I can reel myself back in the next day. This will be an ongoing process, month after month. Eventually, I'll have a malleable system that will work for me long after Aundes Aura is finished and until the very end of the Válkia Chronicles.

I have to accept that with Year 12 assessments that contribute to which University I can go to, if at all, writing is not the priority this year.

I need to view the project not as an 80,000 word piece, but I need to work towards goals that can be reached in a matter of days or weeks - aiming to reach that next 5,000 word increment.

Until the year is over, this is all I can do. And it's what I'll continue to do, because that's all writing is - a series of stepping stones.

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Mysti said...

Amen! Don't be hard on yourself. What you're doing now, preparing for college, is vitally important! Your stories will wait patiently for you to return. Take care of YOU first :)

I do feel your pain, having not actually worked on my WIP in several days. *sigh* I know I'll get back to it soon, though, and I keep it simmering on the back burner.

You've got questions coming soon :)

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