Habitual November: Day 8

I've been gone for a while. From this blog, I mean. Yes, I've had some trouble writing the last few days. Five, to be exact. I should have jumped back on the ball after the first day I missed, but I kept getting distracted. Not by anything important, just stuff that's easier than writing.

"I hate writing. I love having written." -- Dorothy Parker

While I do love the actual construction of sentences and all that micro stuff, it is an intense and generally slow-going process for me, and it's certainly not easy.

Today I wanted to make up for the days I've missed. I'm sure it's okay to do this once in a while, but I don't want to get into the habit of writing big chunks sporadically. That's just not productive for me.

For this next bit I'll let the graph do the talking.

What was one of the things I did instead of writing?

I also made one of the pieces for my Aundes Aura sountrack available here at Amazon for 89c.

But enough of that. I wrote nearly 600 words today and I intend to write another 200+ tomorrow. I'm so close to the benchmark!

Expect some posts on formatting your print book for CreateSpace in the next week or two under the heading Print Preview.

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Jean Davis said...

It's soooo easy to get distracted. Here's hoping you stay on the ball now that it's rolling again.

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, Jean.

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