Character Interview: Sir Lorne

Ryan Sullivan: Good afternoon, Sir Lorne.

Lorne: It is not such a good afternoon.

R.S.: Why not?

Lorne: I've been working my darned backside off, that's why!

R.S.: I did hear about some commotion earlier. What happened?
Lorne: Oh, it started out a fine day. But then when I was in the middle of afternoon tea, the captain rushed in and screamed at everyone that there was something going on at the Arena. I had to abandon my food and go there with all the other guards, running like a right madman, and then when we got there the only thing that was going on was a rattled crowd.

R.S.: That was the commotion? You got called over there for that?

Lorne: Hold your horses, matey! I'm not done. Apparently there was some explosion of white light come from a girl. Nothin' I ain't ever heard of. But that's why the guards were called. But how were we supposed to pick her out of a whole Arena crowd? We're guards, not eagles. But then I noticed the crowd was all lookin' in one direction, and I looked where they were lookin' and I saw her. She was right near the top of the stands, cornered in with a couple o' body guards. So me and the guards, we went up the Arena steps an' into the stands, but then when we made it to the second level she wasn't there. I looked at the whole Arena and I couldn't see her anywhere. It was like she disappeared. She left a right mess behind, though. Bodies layin' all round the place, even on the steps. Tell you what, the council's not gonna be havin' any fun after this.

R.S.: What did you do then?

Lorne: Well, naturally I went back to the guards' barracks. After that I heard stories. Like, a group went out to the stables in case the girl tried to get away. When I got back I heard they were all dead. Then, even later, the wall and tower guards came in and told the captain the girl got away, but they wounded one of her bodyguards with an arrow. You know, I heard the other one protecting her was the one fighting in the Arena just before the explosion thing. Funny. Everyone always thought he was such an honorable representation of our country. Now he's protecting the descendant of an evil goddess.

Ryan Sullivan: [Laughs] Yes, it is curious how people's perspectives can change so quickly. Thank you for your time, and I hope the coming days are more pleasant for you.

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