So I wrote today...

True story. I counted the days on my calendar since I last wrote anything on Aundes Aura and it has been 17 days. That's funny, because it was the 17th of May last time I wrote.

But O, the pleasure of finally writing past that darned paragraph that I read over at least twenty times wondering how I would possibly continue from here. The pleasure of continuing something that has been stuck in limbo for an eternity. The freedom of doing something other than school, or homework, or study, or watching TV, or surfing the internet. The incredible joy of doing something creative! Something familiar! Something that I'm proud of, and that I want to complete. And to the point that I have developed my idea, it would be O such a terrible shame if I didn't complete the project.

And suddenly I wasn't in my body anymore, but by the river with Eoin and Saera, ready to discover what they were going to say. What would I discover about how Saera was feeling? And I did. And despite their circumstances, they are hopeful again. They have a goal again.

My goal is to keep to my goal. My goal is to write on average at least 5,000 words a month over the next year. So far I'm keeping up. Over April and May, I wrote on average just under 6,000 words. If I can keep this up...

...I could have a full-length novel by this time next year. I've never completed such a task.

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A.R. Norris said...

That's wonderful! I love seeing fellow writers reconnecting with their creativity.

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