A Look Back [Grade Two]: A Magical World (Part II)

A Magical World: Sam's Life!

Part II: Next Year

I was on my way to school, when I remembered about the old magic Castle. As soon as I remembered, I dissapeared as fast as I could, down a path, up a hill, East, North, West. I walked across a long path for about Seven days and a night. Then I saw it, the huge Castle. I walked up to the door (without going straight for the handle) and politely knocked on the door.

The doors received the knock and opened. I said the password for the portrait and walked through. The old man came up to me.

"I see you have practiced how to control yourself about pressing buttons." [Interjection: I love this line!]

"Yes, I have," I started, "And a bloody whole lot too. So this had better be worth it."

"It will, It will," He replied, "but don't go pressing any more buttons." So I didn't, but I got foolish and wanted to see what would happen if I ripped off my button and pushed it into the wall. The wall pushed right forward abd across.

I walked through and came to a band and read: FIRE TABLETS, WARNING: MAY BURN THROAT AND CAUSE TO BREATH FIRE. -->

I looked t the right and saw the FIRE TABLETS. I tranceported over to the basket. [Interjection: I adore the use of the word transport in this context.] It I took Two tablets missing sight of a sighn read: I TABLET EACH. >

My throat was burning like hell. It repeated as I struggled to find water or something. I couldn't find a single drop. Of course I wanted a plural drop. I breathed as hard as I could and instead of breath I got three fireballs about the size of a bowling ball.

I think I'd better keep my breath to myeself.


The bell went.

MOVING OBJECTS, I read on a door and walked through. A teacher named Professor Levana was in there. "Ah, your all here. Welcome to MOVING OBJECTS class."
"We will start with LEVITATING."
"Excuse me, but could you please repeat that?" asked a boy named Peter.
"LEVITATING! She repeated in an angry voice. "Now, to LEVITATE fist all your fingers exept your pink-"
"-y," she added, "aim at the OBJECT you want to LEVITATE. It will float in mid-air. For it to follow you, step backwards, to push it, step forwards, to pull right, step right, so, of course, to pull left, step left, and at last to drop, unfist your hand.
I walked outside the door. Two people came up to me. "HI, I'm Peter and this is Ashley, want to practice Levitation with us?"
"Yeah, ok, but only if I get to show you some thing first."
"Ok, we'll follow you."
"My name's Sam by the way," I said on the journey.
I went back to the spot where I pushed my button into and did the same. Peter and Ashley were right behind me. I showed them why they should take the Fire Tablets. But to my suprise, Ashley didn't take any, but then again, Peter took Four.

I told him to breath, and he was really suprised when he saw what happened.

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zellakate said...

This was great, Ryan! I loved the line "Yes, I have," I started, "And a bloody whole lot too." :)

I am going to do a post on my blog in a week or two where I recap my writing history like you did. I will mention my rather dubious start at the age of 7. :D

Ryan Sullivan said...

Yes, I can just imagine him practising. Whenever there's a button he has a sudden urge to press it but has to resist.

I can't wait to read your post!

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