The Válkia Chronicles: Maechre Aura [Concept One]

After having made edits to the concept of the remainder of Aundes Aura, there is a lot I'll be missing out on writing that I feel really summed up the Chronicles, bringing peace back to Válkia. These novels are fairly plot-driven so far, and I think they work well that way. But the characters and their motivations should be consistent and meaningful. The Aundes Aura cast didn't really fit the concept of shiny epically epic Part Two, so I stripped Part Two back so that it's significant to the characters, and they help the world in their own way.

So it seems like Aundes Aura may not be the very last book chronologically. As part of Válkia's history, the conquering of the Church is something I really want to explore, and just now I feel like I've come up with a decent way to approach it. Sure to change and develop profusely, this is the first concept for Maechre Aura.

(In order to facilitate this idea, I have swapped two gods between countries. Maechre is now attributed to Meira and Taemus is now attributed to Duthonne.)

Maechre Aura


Six years after the events of Aundes Aura, a new character of fifteen years living in Robarre, Duthonne, is forced by Duthonian soldiers to watch as they drive a blade through his father’s chest. They leave him with a scar across his cheek, and his mother a mental wreck.

Seven days later he is kneeling, mourning at his father’s gravestone. He places a hand on the gravestone and then he feels something growing inside him – the earth rumbles and shakes. He feels empowered. He runs home, the wind stinging his eyes. He tells his mother excitedly that Father has given him a gift – but it’s as though he isn’t even there. Trying to get her attention, he grabs her hand and, to his success, she looks at him. But her eyes are wide and teary. Slowly she lowers her head to the table, and then she stops – freezes. Her grip loosens. She stares up at him with unseeing eyes. Dead.

With this strange and terrible affliction, this boy will avenge his parents. He will take it all the way to the dictatorship of the Church and overthrow those power-hungry bastards, instating the true heir, signing a treaty with Meira and returning peace to Válkia.


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