Habitual July: A Return to Writing (Hopefully)

I'm a little disappointed in myself -- this disappointment comes in bouts. Even with school, I'm not a busy person. I have so much time on my hands, and I'm not making use of it. If I can't do it now, how will I do it when I barely have any time to spare?

But the gist of it is, in three words: I miss writing. The more time you spend away from your world, the farther from it you are, and the harder it is to get back into it next time. I won't let Válkia get away from me. Sometimes it may take a holiday, and I can't stop it. I'll accept that.

But when I saw the clock tick over to 12:01am, I was inspired to start up my habituals again, something to get me writing something every day, and I feel like accountability is the only thing I've got going for me.

So I'm here with a somewhat ambitious monthly goal: 7,000 words. But being on holidays, I'm sure I can take one or two days off doing nothing in order to get a thousand words in.

The focus this month isn't writing lots or to a goal each day, but to write something. If I feel like I want to challenge myself some days, then that's great.

Reading a blog post today, I was also inspired to try something different with my writing if I felt it would get me writing. That is, if you have a scene that you are excited to write and the one you're writing isn't exactly getting you pumped, charge ahead and write that scene! You can come back to the current scene later. I'm hoping that having written that later scene might in turn inspire me to finish off the first one. Even if, by some crazy circumstance, I didn't finish it, I have time to go back near the end or at the end of the first draft. I won't have a choice, really. But knowing me, I'll want to get it done.

I probably won't update every day -- I think that would be tedious for all of us. I might update twice or thrice a week. That way we won't get clogged amongst my other posts.

Wish me luck! (I may need it.)

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mooderino said...

Good luck!

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thank you, Mood! :D

Julia Hones said...

That sounds like a great plan, Ryan. I really think that quantity does not matter as much. It's continuity of the writing habit. On the other hand, taking breaks is sometimes necessary. (During those breaks, you can read and feel inspired again!)Good luck with your plan!

Phil said...

Good luck Ryan! Like exercising, it might be painful getting back into writing after some time away, but I'm sure you'll get in the zone in no time. You may surprise yourself and exceed your goal.Just keep writing everyday!

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, you two. I'm very excited about the prospect of writing again.

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