Character Interview: Eoin

Ryan Sullivan: So, uh... ee-oyn?

Eoin: It's pronounced like Owen.

R.S: Oh, okay. Eoin, what are your ambitions in life?

Eoin: Ambitions? When I was ten I wanted to be a renowned warrior. I don't care for that anymore. Now... now I don't know what I want. I guess I want to keep my sister safe.

R.S: Safe from what?

Eoin: Oh, you know, she's my little sister and everything. I have to keep her safe from the world.

R.S: Why do you think the world is so dangerous?

Eoin: I wouldn't exactly say the world istself is dangerous, so much as its people.

R.S: Why would anyone want to harm your sister?

Eoin: I can't say... I mean, you know how it is. You never know what's around the corner, so you have to be on your guard.

R.S: What about your parents? Shouldn't they be looking after her?

Eoin: [Looks away.] I don't have any parents.

R.S: I am sorry.

Eoin: Please, don't apologise. I am sick to death of people apologising. It doesn't change the past.

R.S: [Nods.] So if you, uh, have no parents, then who looks after you and your sister?

Eoin: I'm seventeen and she's sixteen. We can look after ourselves. But we live in a castle at our village. It isn't too big, so we don't ever get lost, but it's much nicer than the place where we used to live.

R.S: Where did you used to live?

Eoin: In the lower district, where most of the people in the village live. Some years after Mother passed away, the reverend recognised Father's conribution to the country and we were allowed to live in the castle. He was a blacksmith, and he supplied the Duthonian army with weapons and tools.

R.S: You speak of your mother's passing away as if it were nothing.

Eoin: It happened a very long time ago.

R.S: One last question. Your father blacksmithed for the army. Would you consider fighting for the army in memory of him?

Eoin: While Father supported the army, I think he would prefer that my sister be kept safe. I would never leave her here alone.

R.S: That's it, then. Thank you for your time.

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