Thoughts on New Title?

This is just a quick post to ask you all what you think of this renaming for Aundes Aura. Recently a critiquer suggested The Gifted. It seemed appropriate to me, as later in the novel we meet more people who are gifted with Auras and they become involved with the story.

How do you feel about this change of title?

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popsicledeath said...

How many manuscripts do you think have gone to agents with a title exactly or close to 'The Gifted'?

lale said...

I agree with popsicledeath. Plus, 'The Gifted' gives us next to no info on what that gift actually is- and a huge chunk of the current market involves some kind of superpower.

zellakate said...

I agree with Popsi and Lale. Aundes Aura is a very unique name. In fact, when you first mentioned it on your blog, it grabbed my attention for that reason. (It also is a pretty name! :) ) I think it catches a reader's attention more so that The Gifted. Did your critter say why he/she thought a title change would be a good idea? Just curious. :)

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks for your replies, guys.

She didn't give a reason for the change, just the suggestion.

You all make great points, and I have decided to keep the title the same. If the title can grab some people's attention, that puts me one step closer to publication, and in extension, one step closer to people buying it.

Thanks again.

Jean Davis said...

Glad you decided to keep the original title. It stands out far than The Gifted.

Ryan Sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with ya Terreur, seems to make sense. The gift could mean like, anything.

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