The Floor: A Deviation

The floor is good. The floor is ground. The ground keeps us up, where we would otherwise fall. Therefore, the floor keeps us up where we would otherwise fall. The floor comes in many flavours: soft, hard, patterned, coloured, shaded. People have many different tastes in floor.

In the Tower of Success, there are countless floors. I am on the first floor. Always aim for the next floor. If Real Life is bullying you, endeavour to hold your ground. Don't fall down the stairs. But if Real Life pushes you down the stairs, there's nothing you can do. All you can do is wait for him to calm down, and then have a talk with him. Hopefully this time he'll help you up the stairs.

To the next floor.

A. Deviation.

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Shannon said...

That's a pretty interesting way of looking at things. I like it.

To the next floor!

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