Statistics Day: One


All Time

January 2011
712 (This beats my personal best of 485 in July 2010, and is thanks to Elena's vlog.)

Last month
2nd highest: 6th Jan - 41
Highest: 28th Jan - 151

Post Views

My Life According to My Bookshelf: A Deviation
104 Pageviews

A Profound Sense of Melancholy
48 Pageviews

On Writing: Pacing a Novel
46 Pageviews

Will You Represent an Aussie?
40 Pageviews

Fantasy World Building: Mythology and Religious Beliefs
37 Pageviews

Fantasy World Building: Society and Societal Factions
36 Pageviews

Grammar: The "Apostrophe S"
35 Pageviews

A New View on the World of Publishing
22 Pageviews

Super-Goal: 500 Words a Day
21 Pageviews

2011: Starting Again
20 Pageviews

Search Keywords

profound melancholy

bewin in the ugly duckling

difference between nostalgic melancholy

how to make myths for my fantasy stories religion

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worldbuilding mythology

"darley anderson"

"eoin and sarah"

"fantasy world-building"

"let us part"

Audience (by country)

All Time

Australia: 1,524

United States: 728

United Kingdom: 101

Canada: 45

Ireland: 34

Germany: 30

Austria: 25

China: 22

Russia: 22

Brazil: 20

Past Month

Australia: 306

United States: 210

Austria: 23 (I like that Austria beat the UK)

United Kingdom: 14

Canada: 8

Ireland: 6

Germany: 5

Sweden: 4

Slovenia: 4

Malaysia: 3

Past Week

United States: 132

Australia: 67

Ireland: 4

Malaysia: 3

Canada: 1

France: 1

Latvia: 1

Russia: 1

Sweden: 1

Slovenia: 1

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Jean Davis said...

Interesting. I have fun checking out all the stats too. Glad to see I'm not the only stat nut. :)

Ryan Sullivan said...

The feeling's mutual.

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