I Can't Draw: Birds

I can't draw.

But I would like to be able to.

 And just like writing, you have to start somewhere. I'm pretty sure I started with something way too difficult for my first try at drawing from life. 

Who knows?

Maybe this will make me feel a bit better about my next, easier attempt.

I've noticed things often look better when you see them from a distance. So I made the following picture smaller for your viewing pleasure.

And then you see the drawing at its actual size, details and all.

Joy! You can see all the horrible bits!

Click on it if you want to laugh harder.

Then zoom in.

Your splene will proabably explode.


Maybe next time I should try sketching a cube.

What I'd really love, though, is to be able to draw landscapes.

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Nick Rolynd said...

That's way better than I can do. xD

Terreur Nocturne said...

AHHHH, mah spleen!
Kidding. It looks cute from a distance.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I gave up on the drawing thing really quickly! I hate my unpersevering nature.

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