The Válkia Chronicles: Early Planning

The Válkia Chronicles

Current planned novels:
- Aundes Aura
- Three Bridges

Further possible novels:
- Maechre Aura
- Endures Aura
- Elcalades Aura
- Kathes Aura
- Taemus Aura
- Careus Aura

These stories would tell of characters who had to deal with Auras in their lives, and would be set before the events of Aundes Aura.

Known characters from Aundes Aura could be re-used in these, such as Faine in Endures Aura, the Thief-King in Elcalades Aura, and Echo in Taemus Aura.

Plans are that the characters across the novels would come from different cultures, lands and times across the Válkian history. For example, in Kathes Aura the main character might be from a druidesque clan in "pre-independence" history. In Careus Aura the main character could travel to Válkia from overseas. Perhaps that continent from which he came could be the base for another Chronicles series.

I don't know. All I know is that the idea excites me immensely, and whether it's possible or not, I've made a strong start.

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Shannon said...

Hey, that's a very interesting way of exploring the same world and still breathing fresh air into it.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I might have to add some surrounding countries to the world if I want to flesh it out as much as possible, but I think the difference in period, culture and situation will be enough to keep things interesting and explore a world in great depth.

Shannon said...

Other countries will doubtless suggest themselves as you go along. That's what happened with me.

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