Revisiting "The Carrot": 2,000 words

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Miraculously, my monthly word count has jumped to 3,250 since starting my 500 word rule. Not so miraculously, I missed one day, wrote 500 the next day, and haven't written for two days. If I desperately want to make all that up along with today's requirement (and I do), I need to write roughly 2,000 words.

So, returning to my motivatory roots, I took up the challenge and visited the milkbar. I bought myself a 1.25L bottle of Schweppes Brown Creaming Soda and a 5X10 block of Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate.

The rule: For every 300 words I write, I get 1 row of chocolate and 1 glass of Creaming Soda.

We'll see how I go. I'll be back to update.

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