Válkian History: On Measures of Time

I am starting to write up some appendices for at least my own purposes. These will all contribute to a greater project I have planned.This is my first entry.
All historic years in Válkia are measured from the year the continent separated into countries. Years after the separation are referred to as “p.i.” (i.e. 401p.i.), which stands for “post-independence”. Years before the separation are referred to as “pr.i.” (i.e. 234pr.i.), which stands for “pre-independence”.
Before the separation of the continent, the inhabitants of Válkia didn’t measure years from any one time, but each clan counted every change of season since its inception, as dictated by the Elder. Therefore, every year of the clan’s existence is multiplied by four to interpret their measure of time. Likewise, if the Elder insists that the clan has existed for 400s. (or 400 seasons), it has therefore existed for 100 years.
When saying dates:
401p.i.: “401 P I”
234pr.i.: “234 P R I”
400s.: “400 seasons”
In the case of Válkian clans, only in historical documents are the abbreviations used in regards to the number of seasons’ existence. When dictated, the full word “seasons” is always stated.

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Shannon said...

Post Independent and Pre-Independence. I like it. I've gone with something similar by having time dated by years since the revolution (It's currently Year 92) with a minus sign indicating how long ago that occured. -432 as in subtract 432 years from zero.

Keep posting your world building, it's teaching me things.

Ryan Sullivan said...

Interesting idea, Shannon! :)

My dating system was based on our system of CE and BCE. However, I didn't really have a corresponding "event" to work with, so instead I took another major part of the world's history that I knew and the "independence relation dating system" was born. It definitely got me excited as I wrote it up.

When I hear about your system, I imagine a historical timeline. At zero I see "the revolution". Ten notches to the left, I see "Year -10". Ten notches to the right, I see "Year 10".

How close is my interpretation? I'd love to see any further elaboration.

Shannon said...

It's pretty accurate. I elaborated on my forum (http://shannonofarrell.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-measures-of-time.html) as I figured that if you were interested, someone else might be as well.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, btw, how did you get your Recent Comments box? I would really love to have something like that on my blog.

Ryan Sullivan said...

Awesome! I'll definitely check it out.

As far as the Recent Comments box - I've got no idea. I found this template, downloaded the html and the Recent Comments came with it. I wasn't even able to find it in the html.

I don't know how much you understand html language, but maybe if you click on the "Notepad Chaos v2" link at the bottom of this page, you can download the html for yourself, sift through and look for the code.

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