Aundes Aura

(This book is a work-in-progress.)

Eoin’s sister, Saera, is afflicted. Seven years ago, while venturing into a cave behind a waterfall, she absorbed the Aura of the Goddess of Light, who cultivates war by making men blind to one another.

Their father, the village blacksmith, languishes in the dungeons for refusing to fight in the Duthonian army, so the siblings must fend for themselves, begging for coin by day and stealing into houses for food by night. Meanwhile, the power-hungry Church prepare an army for an all-out attack on neighbouring country, Meira.

When the Aura reveals itself within Saera, the Church make it known they are coming for her. She and Eoin take flight and with the help of Faine, a traveller with a mysterious past, they fight off their pursuers. Making alliances they would never have dreamt of, they find themselves swept up into a struggle against the country they once called their own.


Diane Carlisle said...

I'm not much into the whole fantasy realm, but that book cover is awesome! Did you do it yourself?

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome book! I will definitely be reading this when it's published. :)

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thank you both!

Diane, credit for the cover goes to the wonderful Tamra Westberry. You should be able to Google her if you're interested. She does covers for other genres as well, all at a great price. I'll credit her officially in a post soon. :D

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