Habitual July: Day 5

So, it's been a few days now since I updated on my Habitual. I can gladly say that I've written all five days of this month, and most of the word counts produced weren't much to laugh at.

1. Jul: 248
Total: 248

2. Jul: 711
Total: 959

3. Jul: 347
Total: 1306

4. Jul: 126
Total: 1432

5. Jul: 612
Total: 2044

Wow! To be honest, today my word count was on track to being 70 words. What happened with that? Well, late at night, after hours and hours of perilous procrastination, I finally hooked up to my Write or Die desktop edition. At first I put in to write 100 words in 15 minutes, thinking 200 to be a decently respectable number. Then I fiddled a bit, thinking Why not take the pressure off? and gave myself more time to do it in (let's say 25 minutes). And then I wrote, and I wandered for a bit. But then I found my place. And I wrote and wrote. When the timer went off, I'd written 288 words (totalling well over 300). But hey! I wasn't done! I'd gotten into the flow, and I knew what I wanted to write next, and I wasn't going to wait until next time for it to get away from me.

It's those times when you're focusing so intently on the scenes rolling out from underneath your fingertips -- it's those times when the word count gets away from you. I can't believe tonight was going to be another one of those meager nights like last yesterday. I hate to think where I'd be if I'd gone to sleep instead (it's 4:00am -- no surprise there).

And then, then I see that over the past five days I've written just over 2,000 words. What?! I think that's more than I wrote all last month!

And it's so, SO rewarding to see the word count and progress meter in my sidebar trickling upwards consistently. Tomorrow I should be passing into the 44,000s. I'll expect nothing to last, but I will hope and try, and I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

Time for shiny!

And after writing tonight, a special motto formed in my mind -- and it's very appropriate to me, you'll find (although it's not "Use en-dashes every third sentence"!)

So here it is:

Expect nothing. Just write.

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Sarah Allen said...

Way to go! Keep up the good work :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

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