Sample Sunday: July 24th

     A dark patch indicated an exit up ahead. Stopping by the last pair of braziers, Fórdhain put an arm across Eoin’s shoulders and said, “Now, Eoin, when you get out there, don’t be going and doing anything stupid. There’s something we teach here very early on: if you’re not up to the challenge facing you, it’s better to run than to die. Or something like that. The words keep changing but it’s all the same concept.”

     “What about them?”
     Fórdhain chuckled. “They know how to fight.”
     “I know how to fight.”
     “Against trained men? Somehow I doubt it.” Fórdhain scratched the dark stubble on his chin and slowly turned Eoin to face him. “Come back here alive and I’ll show you how. You can stay with me and help us save the poor from hunger and sickness.”
     Eoin’s heart leapt. “You mean it?”
     Faine grabbed Eoin and pulled him back away from Fórdhain. “I’m sure the young man has more important things to be doing than running around with a bunch of thieves.” Then he whispered into Eoin’s ear. “Don’t let him fool you into his service. You still have a life to live.”

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