Print Preview: A Look into Book Formatting

Below I'm going to provide some screenshots of the document I've been formatting for Aundes Aura. I've omitted the copyright, dedication and acknowledgements pages, as I haven't written anything for them yet.

These images pertain to the print version, which I intend to publish through Createspace.

If people are interested, I'll consider doing a tutorial for the result I've come out with.

Reading over this stuff has made me glad that I don't go back while I'm still working on the first draft. It's a glaring fact that your writing develops over the course of a novel, but you have to resist and even it all out at the end, after you've done the content revisions.

I'll list a few things I've learnt through this process, the basic stuff.

1. Times New Roman is not a standard font used in books! I'm going with Garamond; apparently that was the one used in Harry Potter.

2. You can easily make those big fancy first letters of chapters by selecting the letter you want to change, going to Insert and clicking "drop cap". You can even select the size from there. This doesn't screw up the lines as simply changing the size of the letter does.

3. (I already did this but it's useful to know if you're not already doing it) Use indents not by putting spaces in, nor by hitting tab, but by selecting the top grey part of the ruler and sliding it to your desired point. I'm going with 0.5 inches because that's what I seem to be finding in the books I read.

I will update on the Habituals front tonight when I've finished writing.

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Angela Ackerman said...

Interesting. I haven't plunged into epublishing yet, but I'll remember this post when I do, and look forward to more.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I should perhaps clarify that the ebook version won't look anything like this, and the images above pertain to the print version, which I intend to do through Createspace.

J Andrew Jansen said...

Haven't looked at any publishing stuff yet, but would be interested in the tut for it. I'm gonna have to know how to do it eventually.

Thanks, Ryan!


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