Habitual July: Day 2, aka "What the Hell Just Happened?"

I apologise to anyone who finds the above word offensive, if people in fact do. But that was a little bit how I felt after writing tonight. There were many times when I could have stopped.

I don't know if I can say I was enjoying it particularly, although it must have felt great to get that scene out of my head. I didn't really feel any emotional reaction as I was writing. I just kept going, because I knew there was a place I wanted to get to and I knew if I just write that bit more, that bit more, a little bit more, I could get to the end of this scene.

So I did.

There isn't a feeling I could associate with the process that occurred. It was nothing I wanted particularly much; I wasn't inspired; I hadn't given myself a deadline or a big goal to fill.

I think I've worked it out now. It was one of those scenes that I always knew would be in the book, one of those scenes that I always used as a "checkpoint" to keep me writing, to give me a foreseeable goal to write towards. Those scenes I think always have a tendency to just topple out of me.

But enough about that. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Yesterday I wrote 248 words. I said, "I don't expect that every day but it's a great start."

Today I wrote 711 words. When I finished I felt like saying something along the lines of awhapbopaloobalobawhapbamboom!

That's a GREAT start!

Well, I probably wasn't going to post a Habitual today, but just look at the shiny graph!

Click to enlarge. [Is there any better way?]

How could I help myself?

The important thing now is not to get slack just because I'm ahead. I have to focus on writing something every day -- and who knows when the next whopper could show up?

You can't usually pre-empt it, so give yourself the chance every day to write a whopper.

Now it's done, I can't imagine how things would have happened if I hadn't sat down to write at 9:00.

It should certainly be noted that I achieved all this in blocks. At first I only had 170 words. I then used Write or Die with an aim of a mere 30 words in 15 minutes to get me up to the more respectable 200 words. But by the time I was done with that my word count sat on somewhere over 300 words. Then I must have gotten profoundly lost in trying to work out how I was going to write each tiny part of the rest of the scene, because I have no idea where the last 400 words came from!

À l'écriture!

Tomorrow: Sample Sunday


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