Habitual July: Day 11

Well, it's that time again, and I come here today with a proud fact. I have written every day this month. And I feel that my "write every day" philosophy is working well to keeping my writing productive, even if some days I write somewhat little.

Here's the rundown.

6. Jul: 419
Total: 2463

7. Jul: 139
Total: 2602

8. Jul: 57
Total: 2659

9. Jul: 201
Total: 2860

10. Jul: 402
Total: 3262

11. Jul: 385
Total: 3647

So of course there are some dodgy numbers in there. I think it would be unrealistic to expect anything else. But many of the other times, it seems like I'm going to get another dodgy number. I sit there for an hour or two slowly writing from 26 words to 70. But then I push through, and come to a part that is more interesting to me, or a nice chunk of dialogue, and the word count runs away with me.

Speaking of word counts running away, the current chapter is nearly 5,000 words long at the moment, but I've already decided where to split it to make two shorter chapters. I think shorter chapters would facilitate the reader better than one long one coming up to the end of the first part.

The shape of this graph is exactly what I'd expect; there are days when it's just not your kind of scene, and you have to accept that. Writing through it, even if a little bit every day, will get you to the exciting scenes, which you'll blitz through.

Last night I passed 45,000, which was very exciting. That means I'm in the top half of reaching 50,000. I need these small goals to help me keep it all in perspective, so I look to the five thousands and ten thousands. They're my marks of success.

I'm more than halfway to my slightly more ambitious 7,000 word goal for this month, and that is with three or so days until we reach the second half of the month. It's clear from the graph that I'm ahead of schedule.

I'm also happy that I haven't dropped below that line -- the only time I was near it was at the beginning, really.

Anyway, that's me for today.

How are you going with your goals?

Expect nothing. Just write.
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Julia Hones said...

Well done, Ryan. I'm doing well with my goals. Writing regularly brings more ideas and inspiration to my head.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I find the same happens with me. It reminds me of what Timothy Hallinan said about staying connected to your world.

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