Habitual April: Day 21 - "Not 1,000 but in My Books an Overwhelming Success."

That's right, did you hear me? I'm overwhelmed. Because while 1,000 words may be what I vaguely set myself, and I've never reached it, I am doing darn well for myself.

How can you not be a little happy when your progress looks something like this?

Okay, children. So this is what an erect...progress graph looks like.
  I came to my manuscript today with some expectations. Hmm, it'd be nice if I made 300 today. But I still might only make 200. Progress is progress, though, and I should take the opportunity.

Well, Moody, I sort of took your advice. I wrote a scene from start to finish. Thanks. I didn't do it because I felt the need to, but because I had ideas, and they were coming to me. I knew where I was headed, and I had fun getting there and playing around with the characters.

Alright, so the result for tonight is:

A number even tastier than 413:


A total of:

523 words!

Marion, that's 1,317 words in three days. I think it's time to roll out the cheerleaders. [Rubs hands tenaciously.]

(Want to avoid that adverb? Why not mess up your flow and say "He rubbed his hands with tenaciousness."? Or, take note that if the adverb presents the image much clearer than any other way you could possibly describe it... go for it! We all know the wrules of righting aren't fi-night).

I owe my thanks to all of you, especially those of you who commented with your support, comfort and ideas. I can't say I would be where I am right now if you guys hadn't stuck around to pull me up when I'm down. And I don't just mean yesterday, I'm talking about the whole two years of this blog's existence. You help give me purpose and help me realise that I'm not in this alone, and that people care about and understand what I'm doing. I'm always amazed by the writing community, in which its people, all striving for a similar goal, are so empathetic and ready to give advice after their own experiences.

Les mots ne peux pas décrire le reconnaissance que je sens envers tous les vous.

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards all of you.

You are all an inspiration.


Now, just for fun, I would like to post my 523 word excerpt. I think as I'm reading Martin's A Game of Thrones, I'm incorporating some of the more traditional, more antique style that he has, which can also be found in the styles of Tolkien and Paolini. I like the turn. But I would like to find my sweet spot.

So, if you would like to read the excerpt, you can click "The Dark Corner of the Mind" at the top of the page to return home, where you will see the excerpt, or you can go to CC and find the link there.

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mooderino said...

Excellent work. Keep the momentum going and you'll have a completed story in no time (well, actually quite a lot of time, but you know...)


Ryan Sullivan said...

Time does fly, Mood. :)

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