Habitual April: Day 22 - "Die Another Day."

Because I definitely survived today. Oh yeah.

The result for today: 454 words.

It looks like if I keep heading the same way, I might actually hit that 5,000 that I've missed for so many months. But I won't count on it. I'm just glad chugging along the way I am. I don't know why I keep writing so much each night.





I just have to take it in my stride. It's a positive, so why should I question it?

In a few days I should pass 40,000 words. It would be nice if I could keep writing in this manner even after that, but with school coming back, I can't say what will happen. If only I'd discovered this golden nugget earlier in the holidays, imagine how far I could have come.

We'll see. That's like my catch term. Oh, we'll see. Because that's the only thing I can really count on: that I will find out what will happen later when later comes.

When school returns, homework will become priority again (not that I've ever prioritised homework over anything). I need to work on my study habits and time management approach in order to complete this year well and prepare myself for the unstructured life of University. If it's this hard for me at school to get work done on time, I can't imagine how I'd go on my own, so I need to work a lot of stuff out.

Back to writing. Since I prefer writing at night, I need to be doing my homework as soon as I get home for around two hours. Writing should have its own slot, for example, from 6:00 to 7:30. Anything else I can work around that. Still, I don't know if this kind structure would work for me. It's just something else I would have to try out to see if it would work.

Anyway, life's good for now. See you all later.

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