Habitual April: Day 27 - "Back on the horse."

Wow. All right, admittedly, it's been two days since I wrote, but I did jump back on today. I don't think I'll get to 5,000 this month, but I think I'm set up well to approach next month with more force. School is coming back tomorrow, and I'm excited to test myself to work around school, homework and the many other things that occupy my time.

Writing tonight was sort of funny. First I wrote a bit, and then I did a WorD Splurge (if you don't know what it is, Google Write or Die -- it's an amazing tool!), totalling to what word told me was around 280 words. But then, when I did the calculations at Critique Circle, it appeared that I'd somehow written an extra 40 or so words in there, and it churned out a 320! So I was very happy to see that number, and happily drew that number from my "manuscript progress" over to my "monthly progress". Here's what it looks like now. It's looking a bit sad, but I'm still seeing this as a positive. It proves that even after two days I was able to jump back on and write again.

On a little side note, I have now passed 40,000 words! I'd really love for you guys to help me come up with some ideas for a celebration here on the blog. If you have any, put them in the comments!

Also, I'm considering another change of font. Do you like this Times New Roman? Is it too small? Do you prefer the Georgia I've had for a while now?

I'm now going to bore assail treat you with a small excerpt. I know it isn't Sample Sunday or anything, but I like just giving one every now and again in a Habitual.

I think it's interesting to see how I've written the Thief-King's voice.

I also love how Athrù and Faine take on more formal voices, much like Rozencrantz and Guildenstern did in Stoppard's absurdist play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

If you hate names of which you have to guess the pronunciation, you will enjoy this excerpt.

Fórdhain -- Fjor-thane (the j making a "y" sound", with a roll of the "r")

[Edited, April 28th]

“War is on the horizon,” said Athrù. “We are in desperate need of an audience with the Queen.”

“If that be the case, why is it that you have come to me?”

“Come, we know how your relationship with the Queen fares. I know you consider us just commoners, but we are not blank as unspoilt canvases.”

Fórdhain’s voice rose. “How dare you insist that I would think such a thing? I work with people struggling to survive day after day. I, unlike some royalties of the past, am not so self-absorbed that I have no care for the plight of the common people. As such, I was not granted this role on a whim. My role is a reward given to me after years and years of selflessness. It is a recognition. And it is never easy.” Fórdhain slowly crossed his arms. “It is a cutthroat life we live in the Underground, but a necessary one. A life of thievery is better than no life at all, don’t you think? We provide that at the Underground. We provide life. It isn’t fair that the grossly rich go on swimming in their gold while there are people fasting or living on scraps. Would any of us like that kind of life?”

Faine said, “Then we need your help, for the good of the people. If this war breaks through, famine will run rampant. Emareus will be cut off from its surrounding villages, and supplies will be cut short. Like you said, who wants to live that kind of life?”

Quote of the day:
Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just get up and go to work.
- Chuck Close

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Jean Davis said...

Yay for writing! You're progress chart might not be one track, but it's headed in the right direction.

I like the font you have now, since you asked. :)

Not meaning to critique your celebration excerpt...but you know I can't help it. ;)

Shouldn't fairs, be fares?

Fords dialogue seems a little long. Seems like there should be some sort of break/pause after the 'its not easy' line in the middle.

The supplying and supplies in Faine's lines seems repetitive.

Otherwise, looking good! Keep going!

Ryan Sullivan said...

Not at all! Thanks. This was a Splurge and I didn't edit it before posting it, though I changed some things around. So now I can go back and touch up these things. :D

I did notice the supplies line though! :)

Thanks! I'm just going to get my homework done, and then I can write and critique.

Ryan Sullivan said...

I've made the minor changes now. I hope they work!

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