Habitual April: Day 20 - "Or we could say I lived."

Okay, the results are in and today we have...


So, it wasn't 1,000 words, but it WAS 413, which is a very pleasing number to my eyes. In fact, this means in the past two days I've written nearly 800 words.

Okay, so I'm not going to let myself get bogged down by numbers. Not for the next few days, at least, because as you may have heard I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. So I'm taking the time now to revel in my victory, because, while smaller than 1,000, it's a good, solid number.

I love the number 413.

(P.S. If it looks like I'm losing followers, I'm not. I've actually only ever had 53 and the followers gadget has marked me up by two. I hope they can fix the issue completely eventually.)

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Mysti said...

Yay for progress!

Boo for wisdom teeth removal!

Best wishes for as little pain as possible. It's something I've needed done and have never been brave enough to schedule. *gulp*

Ryan Sullivan said...

I am indeed lucky to have a mother who will book and fund these tortures for me.

Mysti said...

Best do it while you're young. It's harder to heal when you're my age :)

Elizabeth Rogue said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth!

And yay for 413!

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks for the wishes, guys.

My teeth are out and all is good. It's a bummer with Easter around the corner, but "fun" nonetheless. I'm currently wearing an icepack bandaged to my head, for added enjoyment.

I'll be drugged up for the next few days, but just with painkillers. I'll hope to get some writing done in that time. :)

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