Habitual April: Day 23 - "A Semi-Success."

While tonight I wrote far less words than I have on all the other days, I have to say I'm not surprised. For one, I was very tired after two nights in a row that I was up until 4:00am. "For two", the scene I had to write today wasn't exactly rivetting, but necessary. So I got the whole transition scene done and tomorrow we will actually get to meet the Thief-King for real!

Today's result: 244 words.

Not too bad, really. I've done far less before, and this is great forward momentum. I kept going despite the lacklustre nature of the scene. I mean, I'm sure the actual scene itself isn't bad, but as a writer, you can't help but get excited by scenes where secrets are revealed left right and centre, or we get to meet a new character who will somehow push the story forward. So I'm done with transition scenes. Tomorrow I'm going to meet the Thief-King, ruler of the Meiraan Underground.

Okay, so there's this room in the Underground hideout, and it's sort of the planning room, where there's an amazing map of the whole city. This is where we meet the Thief-King.

One of the men from the organisation, when giving directions to my characters, simply called it the "map room". But when Eoin and the others come to the room, on the door it actually says Cartachamber. What are your thoughts on this? Does it sound clunky or mysterious?

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mooderino said...

The problem I have with words like that (especially in fantasy books) is I never know how I'm supposed to pronounce them.

Keep it up!

Moody Writing

Ryan Sullivan said...

Thanks, Mood.

Yeah, I understand that about fantasy, and I get that a lot, usually with names. I just make up the pronunciation. I'm glad the author doesn't know how I say it, because I know it can be jarring when you know it's supposed to sound one way, but the readers guess at it (Eoin?). "Cartachamber" shouldn't be too bad. It's just two "words" mashed together.
I did want something more sophisticatied than "map room", haha.

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