Aundes Aura Chapter One (revised and complete): In Queue

Just a quick update to let you all know Aundes Aura is up in queue once more.

When I say revised, that doesn't mean the parts you've already read have changed. I have mostly just moved paragraphs around, but there are an extra 2,000 or so words for you to read!

Here's a recap of the revisions made:

1. I cut the scene with Old Hanne. Instead, Eoin comes up with the idea to take Saera to the church and pray.

2. Added a scene in the church. We discover how churches in Válkia differ from those in our world.

3. Added the scene of the Passing Ceremony, and a scene in the forest which was carried over from my first attempt at the novel.

One of the reasons I am re-posting this chapter is that I would like to see if I can get some extra people interested.

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atkogirl85 said...

What is queue? Is that a blog thing or is it like Critique Circle? Sometimes I think I confuse myself :)

zellakate said...

I have it marked! :)

Jean Davis said...

I marked it too. We'll see if I get time to get to it. Work has been keeping me away from CC a lot lately. :(

Ryan Sullivan said...

Cool, guys. :)

Hey, Atkogirl. The queue is where people put their stories on Critique Circle.

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