You know those moments when your character tells you something you didn't know?

This just happened to me. Here is the paragraph:

Faine walked off, humming a tune Eoin knew well from his childhood. A tune his father used to hum. A shiver ran down Eoin's spine. He remembered being tucked into bed, humming along with his father before drifting into his dreams. It was the strangest thing to hear the tune now his father was gone. It had only ever been him and Eoin who knew it. So how did Faine know it?

I love the way Eoin questions everything. It makes things so much clearer to me. Through rhetorical questions, to which the answer is always obvious, I learn so much about the characters and the story.

In this case, I discovered that Eoin and Saera's father had been friends with Faine's father. They both used to hum this tune to their children, and no one else knew it. The siblings and Faine hadn't even met each others' fathers. They may have seen them as young children, but have since forgotten them completely.

Do you ever have these moments of epiphany?

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Terreur Nocturne said...

Creepy...I was thinking the same thing about twenty minutes ago when I read my Rowena story except her incessant chatter ended up being about me. There's a bit where she's talking about her dad sticking up for her and being her when she needed him that got me kinda pissed off coz that's what I want from my dad. It makes me think I added that part coz I wish it was true.
P.S Your...

Ryan Sullivan said...

Subtle, thanks.

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