Outlines for chapters one and two

I have decided to write a full outline of Aundes Aura. Below is what I have down so far. Chapter One is considerably more detailed than Chapter Two because it is already written.

Chapter One:

• Seven years have passed and Eoin and Saera are in the market district, shopping for fruit. Saera stops Eoin; the Aura is coming back. It hasn’t shown up for perhaps two weeks. They flee the market, trying not to draw attention, and hide in an alleyway. They wait there for it to subside.

• They go to the castle and to Saera’s room. They argue how she will be able to go to the Passing ceremony tonight when there will be so many people and the Aura is coming back. Eoin says he knows a way.

• He takes her to the Church and they pray to Elcalades the Giving Father. Eoin finishes his prayer and stands. The reverend enters before Saera finishes her prayers and meets them by the statues. He gives Saera a letter and then leaves, saying he has “other duties to attend to”. Saera reads the letter and tells Eoin that they have to leave tomorrow. Someone saw the Aura at the market earlier and the reverend is allowing them tonight for the Passing ceremony, but then they must leave the village. If the reverend does not alert higher authorities quickly, he will be penalised by death.

• They leave the church and head for the Field of the Passing, leaving through the village gate. Eoin asks how well Saera remembers their mother, who died when they were young. Saera doesn’t remember her at all, but Eoin remembers loving her despite not remembering her face.

• They reach the field early. Eoin goes into the forest to a clearing with a log in the centre where he and his father used to sit and talk for hours once a week after his mother died. He talks to the trees, telling his father that although he had always said to face his fears, Eoin hoped that he wouldn’t think less of him for running away. After all, his father had also told him to look after Saera. Eoin says he forgot his mother, so how will he remember his father? A heart-shaped leaf drops and Eoin takes it and keeps it to remind him of his father.

• Eoin emerges from the forest. Passing ceremony. It ends with the words: “May you take to the gods in eternal peace. Forneth Moris.”

• The casket is then lit and while the smoke rises, Eoin notices someone saying to Saera: “My dear, you look awfully pale.” Saera pretends to cry to give a reason for why they then run away. They walk very briskly until they are out of sight, and then run through the streets of Tarne until they are back in Saera’s room.

Chapter Two:

• It is early morning and Eoin sits in Saera’s room and watches over her as she sleeps. He looks out the window and can still see smoke rising from the Field of the Passing. He thinks about protecting Saera and the danger she is in.

• It comes to nearly sunrise (which usually happens at around the sixth hour in Válkia) and he wakes Saera up. They prepare to leave. The carts depart at the seventh hour.

• The carts stop for the night, an hour past Heath. Eoin and Saera don’t know how to set up their cover and a man named Faine helps them. He shows them the appropriate knots, tying two strings around two trees and then together, and putting the cover over it. He then places rocks at the base of the material, resulting in the now triangular cover.

• They get to know Faine. “So what do you do?” He is cocky in front of Saera (suggesting his feelings towards her), and she is snarky towards him.

• It gets darker and everyone goes to sleep. Eoin has a dream (of which Saera will have an identical one).

• The dream is interrupted by a few people dragging Eoin up from the ground. He and Saera are both being dragged away from the burning carts. Faine steps up and threatens them with a sword. They send their strongest man in to fight Faine, and Faine wounds him gravely. Eoin elbows one of the two people behind him in the stomach and breaks free. He then punches another man who is holding Saera, and they and Faine run and take horses.

• They ride to Parthon. End with Parthon in view.

Do you think this moves too quickly, or at a good, steady pace?

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