Character Interview: Faine

I didn't realise it had been so long since my last character interview. But tonight I met up with Faine at the campsite where the travelling carts have stopped for the night. There wasn't much light, but the stars were bright, so it was all right.

Ryan Sullivan: Where did you grow up?

Faine: I couldn't honestly say I grew up anywhere in particular. I was born in Heath, a town in Duthonne. Since the age of ten I have travelled Válkia with only the aim to survive.

R.S.: I've heard tales of the great champion of the Arena in Parthon. A champion called the Black Eagle. That's you, right?

F.: I didn't come up with the name. The audience did that themselves after my first triumph, and the name has spread. I wear a mask during tournaments, though. If certain people knew my identity... let's just say bad things would happen.

R.S.: The Black Eagle has won the tournament five years running.

F.: I don't seek out glory. The tournament has been my only source of money for the past five years. It's a job.

R.S.: So how did you survive for the seven years before--

F.: I don't want to talk about that.

R.S.: Oh. Uh, let me just find what my next question was. Um, why did you go to Tarne?

F.: Well, I've always wanted to try their venison.

R.S.: Deer meat?

F.: Yes, of course. I've been to Tarne before but haven't hunted there. Recently I heard about the quality of the meat and had to try it myself.

R.S.: Do you usually travel with a group of people in a travelling cart like you are now?

F.: No, I usually ride. I left my horse, Nardéa, at Parthon because I planned to take these carts back.

R.S: So why are you taking carts now?

F.: I'm still travelling for the experience. Sitting in a cart is quite different to sitting on a horse.

R.S.: [Laughs] Of course. Have you met anyone interesting?

F.: Not so much interesting as... distant. A couple of teenagers. They seemed pretty focused on something. I think it was Eoin and Sarah. No, Saera.

R.S.: Eoin? I interviewed him recently. Tell him I said hi.

F.: I'm still getting to know them, but I suppose I could pass it along.

R.S.: Is there anything you would like to add?

F.: No.

R.S.: [Shakes hands] It's been good speaking with you.

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